Santa Claus interview

Anna is a 15-year old student; she lives in Romania and loves Christmas. And English. She sent a letter to Santa, earlier this year, to kindly ask him to answer a few questions in an interview. And Surprise! Surprise! Santa found the time to talk to her, right before the big night, when he’s always on call.

Anna: Dear Santa, it’s a miracle to have you with us this holiday season, as it is to have you each season. And I am particularly happy you could find time to speak to me tonight, I know your workshop is on fire and the elves are working hard to finish all the toys before Christmas Eve.

Santa: It’s a pleasure to meet you, always happy to talk to children who trust in the spirit of Christmas. So, what did you want to ask me?

Anna: Santa, I hardly have time to do my homework and read a few books, how come you have time to read letters from children all over the world?

Santa: Well, that is part of the miracle of Holiday Season. I get the letters, but then I know all the children anyways, so I know who has been good and who hasn’t… Do you think I rest, the rest of the year? No, I’m always on duty… I go to their windows and watch, on invisible mode, of course. And a few days before Christmas all I do is finish up my “revision” exercises, to use your language…

Anna: And how come you are able to make it in time and get to every single child?

Santa: Well, I have my faithful nine reindeer. All nine of them are magic. I would not be able to make it otherwise… I used to have a lot of accidents and crash into trees, right before meeting Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. He’s the one who guides me through the darkness.

Anna: What impresses you most in the letters?

Santa: What I find amazing is that there are children, who do not want toys; they want a brother and sister… or they want world peace… It makes me sad that unfortunately, I cannot always fulfil their dream, because it’s not always up to me. All I do is try to help them understand the miracles in their lives and the strength to carry on. And maybe, one day, they will dream I am giving them an encouragement hug. I just wish they kept the Christmas Spirit in their hearts as they turned into adults….

Anna: What is the most important thing that people should remember about Christmas?

I believe there is a miracle in each of us. We all carry a Divine sparkle, the Holy Ghost exist in every single one of us. Christmas is magic because it is the time we should all be grateful for what we’ve got and pay it forward. It is a time to forgive and forget, and be joyful for the gift of life, just like God gave us His Only Son, as a present to humanity, on the 25th of December. But to tell you the truth, Christmas should be all year round, we should have the same attitude at all times.

Thank you Santa, may you always be as joyful as you are right now. I will leave you know carry on your amazing duties.

Santa: Ho! Ho! Ho! Be good now! And Meeeerry Christmas everyone!!!

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