Imagine Essay Competition

Encourage grammar learning by giving students a context where they can creatively produce the grammar they were taught .

Get them used to writing personal texts on a regular basis encouraging fluent communication through writing while also getting them used to letter writing. Here are a few activities!

  • Dictogloss

Students are told a story by the teacher during which they have to take notes (write down words and grammar structures) then after discussing it amongst themselves write down the story as similar to the teacher’s telling as possible. salvador dali

  • Describe the Painting

Bring a set of abstract paintings from which the students have to choose one to quickly describe or come up with a story about in 6 sentences using a given grammatical theme (Modals, Past Tense, etc.)

  • Dialogue Diary

Throughout the year they keep a diary where they write each week/every 2 weeks. Teacher reads what they have written and replies with ideas, questions, comments.

Encourage your students to write. A well-written essay might become their ticket to the UK this summer! Participate in our Shakespeare School Essay Competition, Write, Race & Win a summer camp in the UK!

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