Since for most of us, next week is going to be the last school week this year, we have come up with some fun ’Christmassy’ writing activities to get your students in the winter holiday mood!

Christmas Story-Maker Activity

christmas-tree-clipart-christmas-tree10Before class, design some small cards, each containing an image related to Christmas (candle, tree, elf, and so on).elf Give these cards to the students (one card for each of them). Firstly, the students will make up a story working together by saying a sentence containing the word on the ticket and related to the sentence(s) previously said by peers.

After having done this, either ask students to write their own version of the story in class, or assign the writing as part of their homework for the winter holiday.

  Santa’s Survival Manual santa

Practice procedural writing in class with your students! Divide students in groups of 4, 5 or 6 (depending on how numerous your class is) and give them a piece of A4 paper. Divide students’ responsibilities within the group: each student will write a paragraph:

  •  Introduction;
  • Conclusion;
  •    Main body: paragraph 1( starting with the word FIRSTLY); paragraph 2( starting with the word SECONDLY); paragraph 3  (starting with the word FINALLY);

Get the Students to start writing by telling them that this year it is time for Santa Claus to retire and pass on his duties to his son. They have to put down the Survival Manual that Santa will give to his son!

At the end of the class you can read the compositions out loud and allow students to vote for the best composition!

Have a great winter holiday and encourage your students to keep writing! We simply can’t wait to read their Shakespeare School Essay Competition entries!


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