Cowboys, Fairy Tales and Playground Games

Hello everyone! My name is Radu and I am a Shakespeare School teacher.

I grew up surrounded by cowboys, fairy tales and playground games. In the 2nd grade, something unexpected happened: my world opened up to foreign languages. Written and spoken words, which made no sense at first, quickly became a new source of joy and knowledge.

I started studying French in school and English at an English club. While I liked both languages, I studied English in a different way at the language club: it was not all about grammar and vocabulary – which I liked as well, but also about games and fun activities, and what I liked most: theatre plays. I really enjoyed drama, and I felt proud when I stood up on stage and played my role in front of my parents and the rest of the audience. This Christmas, I could see that same kind of joy and pride in my pupils, when we staged the Christmas play in front of their parents. The other methods which I learned English through are also a big part of teaching here at Shakespeare School.

In the 5th grade, I started studying English in school as well, but by that time I already had the building blocks from the English club I had attended for three years, which were crucial for my understanding of English, my passion for studying it, and my future desire of teaching the language.

At times I do not even consider English a second language, and now I find myself being able to teach it and enjoying it very much. I want to challenge, inspire, motivate, and encourage my pupils, and I want them to experience the joy of learning English as I once did.

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