Help your students become…BRIGHT WRITERS (3)

This week we are back with suggestions on how to teach your students LAYOUT!

Writing is ’’a process of discovery’’ that students should be guided through patiently but enthusiastically! Despite the belief that it is difficult for students to assimilate structure and layout, teach your students that any piece of writing has a structure and therefore a format. One great practical first step to acquaint students to different formats- before asking them to produce a certain type of composition- would be to have them work with authentic texts.

  • Fill in the Paragraph

Take an article from a popular magazine that you know would interest them. Cut out the middle which can be either a paragraph or even more than one and have them fill it in themselves.Mind_The_Gap_Logo_by_rrward

Then show the original text, compare and discuss their versions.

  • Unscramble the Text  

Combine a story and a letter in one text. Tell them that the two types of texts were put together and they that have to pull apart the originals and reorganize them.

  •           Write a letter to a portrait 


Students are shown 2 famous painting representing portraits. They have to chose one character to write a letter to asking questions about his/her life and explaining why they are writing to them. You can do this splitting the class in two where one group of students can write back from the perspective of the character.

And don’t forget to encourage your students to practice what they have learnt! A great way for them to do this is to participate in our Essay Competition 2014 as this is not only a great opportunity for students to prove their writing skills but also to win a  summer camp to the UK


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