Motivation leads to greatness

Motivation leads to greatness

Behind every action there

is a reason. We usually seek approval, appreciation, recognition, not to mention self-interest. There is always something that triggers our course of action. I have always wondered what our students’ motivation is. Is it that new I- phone promised? Is it fear of punishment? Perhaps to prove themselves that they can do it? Or maybe they just do it because the teacher tells them to? I would like to think it is a combination of all of the above. But I am far from being right.

Motivation should come from within. We don’t encourage children enough into finding their own motivation. Make them discover the pleasure of doing things, help them think outside the box and think for themselves, help them discover who they are and what they like, what their interests are in order to set goals in life. Do not expect them to simply submit to action. Make them wonder, doubt and search for answers. Once this quest for knowledge is set into motion results shall not be far from reach. Motivation is yet another word for achievement.

Whenever a child asks “Why should I do it?” don’t hesitate. Help him start his journey into accomplishing great things.

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