Steps to Successful Writing(3)

This week’s  tip on writing amazing essays is actually a challenge!

Evidence2We dare you to become Sherlock Holmes! Why?Well, in order for an essay to ‘flow’ you need to support  each and every statement, argument or opinion with ‘evidence’, or in our case with reasons and examples but also to offer your readers a balanced perspective on the topic.

You must have read books or seen films whose protagonist was the great detective! But do you remember that before reaching a conclusion, Mr. Holmes takes his time to think the matter through and get a general overview of every thing that has happened? This is YOUR role in the ‘planning stage’ of writing. Do not rush to put all your thoughts down just as they occur to you! Take a few moments, order you thoughts and rank them into arguments, supporting ideas and examples. Work your way towards the conclusion from this point where you have gained a clear view of the topic.

REMEMBER, every time Sherlock solves a case, he does not only tell us who the villains and the victims are, but also whenhow and why they act the way they do!

Put you skills in practice and sign in our Shakespeare School Essay Competition. The 8th edition has already started, so submit your essay and become this year’s lucky winner of a summer camp to the UK!


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