Teaching… there’s nothing else like it!

I’ve always believed that teaching is one of the most challenging, demanding and rewarding things one can do in life.
I have always admired teachers who came to class with pleasure and did not only succeed at passing on information, but also at stirring our desire to learn more, our curiosity about the world we live in and our creativity. This is the kind of teacher I wanted to become and when I learned of Shakespeare School I realised that this is the place where all the teachers share my desire and that here I will have the opportunity to teach in a stimulating and creative manner while at the same time learning and continuously perfecting my craft.

Being a teacher is no easy task. In fact, it requires lots of time, energy, creativity and most of all passion and commitment. Once you start teaching you have to be aware that you are directly influencing and shaping a young, impressionable mind. Everything you say and do in class the learning process you go home with a sense of fulfillment.

A teacher does not work only a limited number of hours, five or six days a week, a teacher works everyday because if you want to be a good teacher you cannot say “I’ve taught my classes for today and now I can go home and not think about school anymore”, you will The official Fairfax County Public Schools, Virginia (FCPS) mobile app provides easy access to information about the School District including news, calendars, menus, directory of schools, and more. keep on searching for new ways to improve yourself and your lessons and strive to be even better than you are right now so that your students will learn even more from you and their futures will be just a little bit brighter.

My passion for the English language and my love for children are what lead me to a teaching profession and Shakespeare School is the place where my craft will flourish and grow.

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