The TEN Benefits of READING

The ideal Sunday, for most of us, would be getting lost in a book. And just like Barbara Tuchman used to say ?Books are the carriers of civilization. Without books, history is silent, literature dumb, science crippled, thought and speculation at a standstill?. When you need to escape from your day-to-day life, you can always pick up a book and forget about the world around you. Books can take us away from the cares of this world for a while at least, it can take you to a world you could never get too except through a book. But there are other benefits to reading. We do hope this article will turn you into more passionate readers.

No. 1: A vast GENERAL KNOWLEDGE ? the more you read, the more diverse your knowledge will become. Don?t ever think that the internet or the TV can compensate that. Books open doors towards other worlds and waters the seed of your imagination!

No. 2: A FLUENT & CORRECT way of expressing yourself! ? reading books contributes greatly to improving your vocabulary, in English or Romanian. So don?t underestimate that! All you have to do is keep on reading, understand words in the context, look them up in a dictionary and use then next time you have to express a certain thing/idea. They will just come to you when needed. Words are very friendly once you love them and manifest curiosity towards them.

No. 3: Strong ANALYTIC skills ? books do give you different angles to look at things. They show you more options and let you think/decide on your own. We love that about books! And we always encourage you to tell us your opinion, not just repeat what others think! It?s the only way to learn seeing things through different perspectives, hence helping us find solutions to our problems.

No. 4: Improves our MEMORY: – Most of us know how frustrating it is to forget our friends? birthdays or where we put our scarf. But BOOKS, our faithful friends, have a solution for this problem too. They stimulate our brain activity, hence improving our memory.

No. 5: Books bring about a VIVID IMAGINATION ? this is definitely our favorite gain in the business of reading, since creativity and imagination both play an incredible part in our lives. Imagination, a major part of creativity, is developed through reading, which allows us to escape from the reality around us. Imagination is the one which helps us anticipate and create new hypothesis.

No. 6: A good SOURCE OF INFORMATION ? Sometimes ? actually most of the times ? books offer us useful information and precious advice that we could apply in our day-to-day life. The secret is to choose the best ?adviser?.

No. 7: A great source of RELAXATION ? Like we said, nothing is more relaxing than chilling while reading a good book that takes you to a different world. Reading is the perfect remedy, so disconnect from the reality/exams/stress and take refuge in a book. It tells you about something that happens at a different time, in a different space, hence it opens a door to a new dimension.

No. 8: Reading is known to CURE DEPRESSION ? Nowadays, books are regarded mainly as therapy for the mind and the soul. We didn”t invent this, the news actually comes from a scientific board who calls it ?bibliotherapy?. A book therapy helps us reduce stress, become more optimistic and confident.

No. 9: Improves PERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS ? When we read, most of the time we find ourselves in one of the characters of that book. And we often get to compare our own feelings and experiences with the ones of the character. That can only be a big plus when it comes to empathy and developing those people skills which are so very important nowadays. We learn how to be more sympathetic and sociable towards others.

No. 10: Refreshes the mind and helps us AVOID BOREDOM ? There are moments when we get bored to death. But that would not happen if we read a book. One can always carry a book around and whenever you have to wait in line or travel by train/tube, just to fill up those boring moments with the action in a book.

So READ! Just like George R.R. Martin used to say in A Dance With Dragons: ?A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies, said Jojen. The man who never reads lives only one.?

In writing this article, we were inspired by the article below. You can find the Romanian version online, if you follow this link:

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