Yes, I am a teacher and I am proud of that!

Hello everyone! My name is Valeria and I am addicted to being a teacher.


It all started years and years ago. The first signs of the ’teaching bug’ appeared during early childhood. I remember my parents saying: ’ Well, she’ll be a teacher when she grows up’, as I would pretend my dolls were pupils eager to learn everything about numbers, letters or stories.
Then, there was a second sign of the ’bug’: I never wanted to play anything else but ’School’ with the other children ( with me being the teacher, of course). Now I can understand why they used to avoid me after a while…. Moreover, my mother worked at a school, so I would have the school to myself, every afternoon. Piles of books, blackboards, chalk. What more could I have wished for?

My addiction began to progress slowly but surely. My classmates used to come to me for homework and further explanations. Then there was my Maths teacher from Middle school and my Romanian teacher from High school. Excellent teachers, excellent examples to look up to for me.

Well, in the end, here I am now, where I wanted to be since I was little: surrounded by children and teaching. My name is Valeria and I am a teacher
And I don’t want a cure.

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