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The future’s bright, the future’s blogging

Not many years ago, we used to write down our thoughts and innocent confessions on the coloured pages of perfumed notebooks. Nowadays, hardly do we use a pencil anymore and the paper has been gradually replaced by computers. But how did this ritual of choosing a diary become a simple signing up on a social platform and when did it become so easy for us to confess our thoughts? These are the questions to which the present essay intends to answer, from the perspective of personal blogging.

When one thinks about a diary, the first word that comes to our mind is secret: we used to keep our notebooks in hidden places so that no one could have access to our most private thoughts and feelings. Lately, it all seems to have vanished irreversibly and diaries have become completely public. The main purpose of the person who writes is to share his thoughts with the others and this changes diaries from instruments of self-reflection into means of communication. Therefore, blogs are one of the paradoxes of our century, turning what used to be private into a public product.

My own experience as a blog-owner and also as a blog-consumer in general has taught me that the main quality which can render a blog successful is the ability to entertain its readers. Whether it functions as a personal diary or as an informative instrument, it must always make the others feel satisfied with what they read. It does not matter if one speaks about interesting or annoying situations, useful or unimportant details; it is all a matter of the writing style. There are bloggers that talk about banal everyday events, like feeding their cat or doing the dish, but the way in which they use words is completely mesmerizing and makes people smile when they read. The idea is that you cannot be simply subjective if you want to attract readers and you must focus on style because it is the magic ingredient that will never fail to succeed.

The conclusion of the present paper is that the future of blogging is a very promising one, as the present seems to indicate. Blogs will soon turn into the new media and one of the main weapons of consumption, as they already tend to become an effective means of advertising, successfully promoting products, services and oneself, as a brand.

Irina Ene, 22 ani

Facultatea de Limbi Straine, Universitatea Bucuresti

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