Write an ESSAY, race, win!(3)

Riddle me this

Fill my bucket, spill my bucket,

over a plane of snow.

Black the track as I look back,

my footsteps talk but make no sound.

What am I?

The invention a the fountain pen

People have used many types of writing instruments such as reed pens, quill pens and dip or nib pens. But did you know that one of the most popular writing instruments, the fountain pen, was invented by a Romanian?

A famous Romanian inventor

Petrache Poenaru(1799 – 1875) was an  inventor, mathematician, physicist, teacher and a politician. While he was attending the École Polytechnique  in Paris, he invented the fountain pen! Because he had to take many notes and write many courses, he designed a pen with an ink reservoir. This helped him safe precious time as he no longer had to stop and dip the pen in ink. The first pen reservoir was made of a swan’s quill.

The French Government patented the fountain pen in May 1828. This invention was described as a “never-ending portable pen, which recharges itself with ink”. And since it was so efficient, the production of such pens considerably increased by the 1850s!

Grab your pen

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