Eseu castigator 15-19 ani – Mentiune (Maria Carmen Lungu)

538317 10150896093621225 1196733007 n               Dear doctor, Once upon a time, I started seeing a carpenter who had leafy hair and leafy clothing building a tiny bridge under the silly flying pond of grace. For the pond wanted to be different and to blow all other ponds ?minds with its special way of breaking patterns, it decided it had to be the first pond with hair. Its stubbornness allowed it to fly, so it began searching some locks of hair which had been painted in a wooden gap by the leafy haired carpenter. After it found them, the silly flying pond of grace had to hoist the locks of hair out of the gap?s deaf ears. As the pond felt outstandingly happy, it started winding and it wound and wound until it came across a porcelain fountain which had the bad fortune of being dried-out. My pond decided to marry it anyway and, after that, they started planning a baby even larger and deeper than the Pacific Ocean. Meanwhile, the carpenter with leafy hair and leafy clothing became a lawyer and started his own business with the office on the small bridge he had built. Unfortunately, he had no clients at all. After some hours of a happy marriage, my silly flying pond of grace proved to be not that silly since it found out its fount-wife was dating an ugly black hob. I do not wish to recall the scandalous manner they divorced in. Of course, the leafy haired carpenter dealt with all the paperwork. Soon after this entire circus ended, the carpenter was asked to be the counselor of many other ponds which were enough silly to follow my pond?s example. Trying to be nonconformists, all of them became, blindly and unwillingly, conformists, as all of them made the same mistakes my silly pond had done and ended up like it, for all the fount-wives of ponds fell in love with the same ugly black hob. The luckiest and the ?unconventional nonconformist? was the hob, which kept dating all the fount-ex-wives in the neighborhood. I do not know whether it is unconventionally interesting or not to express my vision about nonconformism this way, but I definitely think I should be allowed to leave your conformist hospital as I am pretty sure you shall never make me be unable to see the things I do see. Do not misunderstand me, the sanatorium is lovely, but I do wish to continue my exile in a small place called Hawaii.

Faithfully and delighted with the

services offered in here, yours

No. 3 room Patient!

Acest eseu este castigatorul mentiunii in cadrul?2012 Shakespeare School Essay Competition, grupa de varsta 15-19 ani.?Premiul a constat?intr-un?MP 3 PLAYER de la Vitastal Consulting,?voucher de reducere in valoare de 300 RON pentru un curs de vara de limba engleza la Shakespeare School, carti de la Fischer International si de la Carturesti si materiale promotionale de la Vitastal Consulting.?O?felicitam pe Maria pentru ?eseul ei care s-a evidentiat din mii de eseuri trimise la concursul national de creatie in limba engleza organizat de Shakespeare School si ii uram mult succes in continuare!

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