On a Highway to Excellence (2)


Here is Andreea”s speech. Like I said in my previous blog entry, she won II-nd prize in an English Public Speaking Competition, which is amazing and deserves all our praise. Let us know if you like her speech. She needs our encouragement:

“What I am going to tell you now is my opinion about dreams and fantasies. Maybe you have a different opinion, but everybody has an opinion.

So,what is a dream? And what is a fantasy? Can somebody tell me that? Nobody can tell me for sure, because dreams and fantasies don”t have an exact definition. Dreams are something you want to come true, so much, but sometimes they”re impossible. And when you reach the impossible, you feel like you”re dreaming and that “…this can”t be happening”. Then, you have tons of other dreams and you move on to fighting for those too. Your dreams can come true, but they need your help.

A song says: “Sometimes you wish you”ll be fine on your own/ “cause a dream is a wish that you make alone”.

One of my fantasies is to have thousands of shoes and accesorises for my clothes when I grow up. Maybe you”ll say I”m a snob. Or that I ask my parents to buy me everyting there is in the store. Or that my fantasy is a silly one, but that”s just what my fantasy is. And I”m not this kind of person. I”m not snobbish at all.

To wrap it up, dreams and fantasies are two of the things we need to have in life. Otherwise, without them, we wouldn”t have feelings. We wouldn”t be excited about anything. We wouldn”t be nervous,which is exactly how I feel right now. We would turn into robots”.

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