Bright Teachers

We love teaching you to teach English!

La Shakespeare School limba engleza se invata cu drag si bucurie si credem ca pentru toti elevii aceasta experienta trebuie sa fie una placuta. Asa ca vrem sa le impartasim si altor profesori de engleza metodele noastre!

In acest scop, Shakespeare School organizeaza seminariile „Bright Teachers”. Participarea este gratuita si deschisa tuturor profesorilor de limba engleza preocupati de life-long learning si dornici sa isi perfectioneze metoda de predare pentru a le oferi elevilor cursuri de calitate.

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Seminariile sunt sustinute de profesori cu experienta si traineri Shakespeare School – Centru de Platina pentru Pregatirea Examenelor Cambridge cu o rata de succes de peste 98% si singurul centru din Romania acreditat de Cambridge Language Assessment pentru organizarea cursului CELTA. Seminariile sunt interactive, iar profesorii sunt antrenati in activitati si demonstratii practice.

Temele abordate sunt legate de metodologia predarii limbii engleze si prezinta modalitati de a face orele de engleza distractive si antrenante. Alte teme abordate sunt legate de pregatirea elevilor pentru examenele Cambridge, imbunatatirea fluentei in limba engleza si mentinerea atentiei elevilor la ore.

Trainerii Shakespeare School

Georgiana Bose is a DELTA-qualified teacher of English at Shakespeare School and has gained, over the years, experience with different types of audiences, ranging from young learners to teenagers and adults. She is also a Cambridge certified CELTA teacher trainer, workshop host, course designer and Exams Manager at Shakespeare School. She held workshops and presentations during the RATE Conference in 2012 and the Fischer conference in 2014 and has been one of the speakers in the Bright Teachers series of teacher training workshops organised by Shakespeare School. As a teacher trainer, she has hosted various in-house training sessions with original ideas on how to implement techniques of collaborative and student-centred learning in daily lessons and is also a mentor for newly qualified teachers during their internship stages. As a CELTA trainer, she has been successfully running CELTA courses in Romania for 2 years now.


Nicoleta Dinescu is a DELTA-qualified Senior teacher of English, mentor and course designer at Shakespeare School. She has been working in ELT for more than 15 years and she has an extensive background in teaching and teacher training. As the Director of Studies, she provides information and guides the teachers at Shakespeare School on how to continue their professional development in order to meet the challenges of their work and achieve their goals as well as those of the language centre itself. As a skilled teacher trainer, she has delivered numerous workshops on how to prepare for international exams and she was a plenary speaker at the 2012 RATE conference and other professional meetings and seminars. She has also been one of the speakers in the Bright Teachers series of teacher training workshops organised by Shakespeare School. As a Cambridge certified CELTA trainer, she delivers CELTA courses in Romania at Shakespeare School.

Marilena Angela Chirculete is a CELTA qualified, highly passionate teacher of English and has gained, over the years, experience with different age groups, ranging from young learners to teenagers and adults. She is currently an ESL teacher, teacher trainer and centre manager for Shakespeare School. Marilena’s main interests in the field of ELT consist of researching teaching strategies with a focus on exam preparation classes and methods of engaging young learners by nurturing the diversity of learner styles and multiple intelligences. She is also involved in English courses design, writing and publishing English learning children’s books (‘Ziggy and Zaggy: Adventures in Englishland’ and the upcoming ‘Ziggy and Zaggy in Storyland’), writing online articles, as well as designing and hosting workshops on areas of ELT, such as developing speaking skills, giving feedback, multiple intelligences and learner styles.

Premii și Distincții

2020 – Centru GOLD pentru pregatirea examenelor Cambridge
2018 – Shakespeare School desemnat din nou “CEL MAI BUN CENTRU DE PREGATIRE DIN ROMANIA”
2017 – Cel mai bun Centru de Pregatire a Examenelor Cambridge, din Romania
Centru de pregatire si examinare CELTA autorizat de Cambridge Language Assessment.