An Objective Approach to Your Level of English

know what they use to objectively state your level? What is the Common European Framework of Reference or CEFR? And why does it matter for?English language learners?

We all have subjective opinions about our level of English. CEFR gives you the opportunity to classify your English in an objective manner. Your friends and family are very supportive and they may say your English is great, but an employer might think it is awful. Some people have a good understanding of the written English, while others clearly understand people around them, but are very poor at expressing themselves in English. We all have different skills, but the CEFR gives you an objective result, thus positioning you on a scale from A1, which is the beginner level, to C2, which is the proficient level, or that of a native speaker. ?The better you become, the more levels you climb. To get to a proficient level can take you years of hard work, but the certificates you get are valid for life.
Cambridge is?analyzing?all those skills, like Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking, thus making sure that both your grammar and vocabulary are up for the challenge. That is exactly why CEFR appeared, out of a clear need to clear, objective way to describe language skills, an evaluation everyone can agree on. The Common European Framework of Reference was developed by the Council of Europe, with extensive help from the University of Cambridge. There are different materials that help the learning process on all levels, from elementary A1 to proficient C2. It is tailored to match all types of learners, children and adults alike.
People from all over the world use the CEFR to show what level of English they are at and what they need. It is used by learners, teachers, universities, govermental institutions, companies. It is very popular and not only in Europe: it?s been published in more than 35 languages. Understanding your level of English is essential, whether you are travelling, studying abroad or looking for a job.
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