Eseu castigator 11-14 ani- Premiu Special (Ioan Grozea)

A Perfect World- by Ioan Grozea, a student at CN Samuel von Bruckenthal, Sibiu

Long ago an old man lived near an abundant forest. He was sad and lonely. His only help was a walking stick made of oak wood. His only visitor was a raging lion.

“If I was a child, I wouldn’t need a staff. I would be so happy “, thought the old man.

“If I was a cat, the old man wouldn’t be afraid of me”, thought the lion. “He would take me and feed me. I would be happy”.

Only the stick was happy and content with its fate: “Without me, the old man would not be able to walk”.

All of a sudden, the window opened. The morning breeze came in. The old man closed his eyes. When he opened them again, he was in a large room. In the middle of the room, there was a mirror. He was very astonished when he saw the lion walking towards the mirror. He stood there, stone-still. When the lion reached the mirror, guess what? In front of the mirror the lion turned into a mild cat. The cat was happy. He also found a crystal ball near the mirror. He took it in his shaking hands. But, guess what? He turned into a child. He no longer needed his walking stick. He started to play with the cat. They were so happy!

The old man was woken up by the morning sun, which was shining through the window. “What a pity, everything was just a dream”, thought the old man. He saw the walking stick. It seemed to him that his old friend was smiling. Without thinking, the old man smiled back. He felt like a new man. His heart was full of joy. He felt young again. “The most beautiful thing in the world is joy”, he concluded. “This is the most important feeling.”

A perfect world is a world where everybody is happy: people, animals and plants. They live together in harmony. It starts with you and me. If only we could keep our souls young!

Acest eseu este castigatorul premiului special in cadrul 2011 Shakespeare School Essay Competition, grupa de varsta 11-14 ani, avand ca tema descriere a unei lumi perfecte pornind de la 4 imagini sugestive. Premiul a constat  intr-un cadou surpriza din partea librariei Carturesti, o carte in limba engleza din seria penguin, de la Fischer International, voucher de reducere 25% la un curs de vara de limba engleza la Shakespeare School, discount card oferit de Puma, cadou din partea Reprezentantei Comisiei Europene in Romania. Dorim sa il felicitam pe Ioan pentru faptul ca s-a evidentiat din peste 5100 de eseuri trimise la concursul national de creatie in limba engleza organizat de Shakespeare School si ii uram mult succes in continuare!

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