O vara de poveste – The legend of Helvetios, de Cristian Mihai

Pentru ca am avut participanti atat de talentati anul acesta la 2013 Shakespeare School Essay Competition si ne-au placut foarte mult textele lor, i-am rugat sa continue exercitiul de creativitate in afara concursului si sa devina scriitori pe blogul nostru.

Cristian Mihai este din Petrosani, elev la Colegiul National “Mihai Eminescu” si a castigat premul special la categoria 15-20 de ani. Pentru ca ii place foarte mult sa scrie, ne-a trimis aceasta poveste plina de suspans si aventura, iar noi va invitam sa pasiti in lumea lui magica.

Ne bucuram mult ca avem tineri atat de creativi si pasionati de limba engleza si de scris, dar mai ales ca avem texte atat de frumoase scrise chiar de participantii nostri, prin care putem pastra legatura cu limba engleza si in vacanta.

Lectura placuta si o vara cat mai frumoasa!


The legend of Helvetios

Once upon a time, long ago when the Earth was young and people were all united, when all rivers were crystal-clear and only one language was spoken, there was a man named Lucius. He was an ordinary mortal, just as everyone else, until one day when a great fire ravaged the land. Everyone ran in fear, but they were all stopped by the apparition of a monster. He was human looking, although he had claws and blades coming out of his arms, his red eyes gleamed with hatred and fire, and on the back of his neck were carved ancient runes, which read“ The man who betrayed the light “.

He was clad in a demonic black and red armor, wearing a helmet decorated with two horns. He told the people that, in exchange of prosperity and wellness, they had to make him their king. The people vehemently refused, and he told them that, in three year’s time, he was to come again, with his army of devils, to claim the Earth for himself, by force. As proof of his power, he took five women and five men, and he cut them in half with his sword, Hellraiser. Then, he burned them and blew the ashes in the four directions: North, South, East and West.

Hearing all of his words and witnessing the massacre of those helpless people, a young man named Helvetios raised from his place in the crowd, left his wife Epona, and leaped towards the killer. Without even breathing, he grabbed him by the neck and looked him straight in the eyes. Then his mind was overwhelmed by terror and grief, and he gave out a scream. The creature let go of him, and told the people:

“ Train him well until my comeback. He shall become my faithful general.”

Then, without any explanation, the monster took Lucius, who was standing behind the crowd. Then, in an instant, Lucius died. Of course, this caused even greater fear among the people present. Surprisingly, the great monster then fell down to Earth and died. Down on the ground though, something strange happened. Lucius’ body was absorbed by the dead monster. Then, he got up, and spoke in Lucius’ voice, only it was more distorted:

“ This mortal is the most evil of them all, and truly he deserves my power. Crawl in terror, you useless worms, as I shall be back and you shall all perish in flames”.

In the meantime, Helvetios managed to grab a hold of himself and, just before the creature, Lucius now, had the chance to leave through an open portal, he threw a rock at him, hitting the head. Lucius stopped and said: “ You truly are cumbersome and stupid, mortal. If you are well-trained, your courage might serve me though. Strive to become stronger, for I shall have need of you upon my return.”. With those words, the portal closed and Lucius was gone.


Helvetios though fell down to the ground, unconscious. Epona ran to him and implored the people to help her get him inside his house. Three days later, Helvetios woke up and wanted to jump out of bed, looking of course for Lucius, which was given the name “Devil” by the people. Epona put him back in bed, telling him to rest, as in three years’ time he had to confront him. She explained to him that the elders decided to build an army and fight the devil, and also they decided to make Helvetios its leader.

He was to fight and defeat Lucius, while the army would hold back the endless demon hordes. Helvetios accepted happily, as he desperately wanted to enjoy payback. So, in a week’s time, Helvetios fully regained himself and he started training. Of course, he began to refine his sword skills first. He was trained in both attack and defense by the best swordsmen on Earth. In the first half of the first year, he learned every aspect of fighting. Then he was taught how to think his battles. Tacticians and philosophers from all over the world came and taught him everything they knew.


Helvetios was an incredibly fast learner, and as the first year ended, he was trained in fighting and thinking better than everyone else on Earth. At the exact same date when The Devil came first, a year back, in the exact same place, a hundred demons rose, to test Helvetios’ skills. He dealt with all of them at the same time without a single problem. His training had been very useful. Then he was taught how to endure. He was cast out into the wild to survive for half a year. Epona, of course, opposed the idea but he assured her he’d be back. And so it happened. In half a year’s time, Helvetios came back wearing the skin of a bear and with a sword made from a mammoth’s tooth. He was welcomed back as a hero, and Epona leaped straight into his arms.

In the second half of the second year, he was taught how to fight in armor. Of course, in the beginning he didn’t have the same speed, but in the end he seemed even faster. Without the armor, he moved like lightning. Again, Lucius sent demons, a thousand this time, but Helvetios killed them all as if they were fight dummies. That day, the elders called their hero to talk to him.

“The army is ready, Helvetios. The question is, are you?”

“My elders, I am ready to take the task of defending Earth. But The Devil will only come the next year.”

“Our child, we know that too well. You’ve become the perfect human. You are a logical thinker, you are the most feared fighter of all time, and not lastly, you are the only person who came back from the wild victorious. One last test awaits you though, and we hope you are ready. We have prepared you in every aspect of survival and battle, and we are confident you shall succeed. There is a mountain called Mount of Fire, North of here. A year’s journey shall you take, and on the first day of the third year you shall be back here. In the heart of Mount of Fire, amongst the flowing inferno and fiery depths, you shall see a great obelisk. On it, the first men on Earth, The Ones Who Came Before wrote the story of The Devil, and there you shall find out how to seal him for another ten thousand years, and also there you shall find Hellraiser’s bane, Demon Hunter. Without the seal and the sword, The Devil cannot be stopped. It will be a perilous journey, but we are confident you shall succeed. Go, Helvetios, go and save us all!”

With that, Helvetios said goodbye to Epona, kissed her with all the love he had, and then went away, not knowing if he shall come back or not, only being driven by a burning desire and by the hopes of all the people. He travelled North, and after half a year’s time, he was standing before the entrance of the cave. There, behind him, there was a black lake.

As Helvetios went to the cave, a huge dragon came out. He was all black and he had wings the size of a city. His nostrils were breathing fire and his teeth were sharper than every sword in the world. The animal leaped towards him, but the hero rolled away and, in the blink of an eye, he put his sword through its eye. Then, it lay there dying, Helvetios finished it by cutting down its head. At the sight of its dead eyes, the carvings on the door blocking the entrance into Mount of Fire started to glow, and a voice echoed throughout the valley:

” Finally, a thousand years it has been, but our hero has come. Step forward into the cave, brave man, but beware you shall be tested two more times before you shall have access to our knowledge.”.

With that, Helvetios stepped into the cave, not knowing what awaited him. The cave was a wonder. It had only four roads, one to enter, one to get to the obelisk, one to get out on the other side of the mountain and one that lead into a pit of lava, and beneath them there was a mixture of magma and crystal. Luckily, Helvetios went forward, to the obelisk. Halfway, he met a man named Kallos, who looked like a mere merchant:

“Ya need a drink, fella’?”

“Thank you, but I have to refuse. How did you get inside the cave, if you pardon my curiosity?”

“That ain’ no business o’ yours. Still, I might tell ya that if ya drink with me.”

“Allright then, I shall drink with you. Can you give me red wine?”

“Sure stranger. Just get ya-self comfortable.”

Then Kallos handed Helvetios a cup of red wine, but as he looked inside it, the hero saw a trace of poison which immediately disappeared.

“Let’s have a toast. First, I shall drink from your cup, and then you shall drink from mine.”

“Why ya wanna do it that way, eh?”

“It’s a thing I’ve got accustomed with. In my natal region, this is how people hold toasts.”

“Ya sure are smart, Helvetios…Maybe my true face will give you confidence and you shall allow me to guide you”.

With that, Kallos transformed into a young man with blond hair, angel-like.

“My name is Delanas, and I’ve been sent by The Ones Who Came Before to guide you. Come, I shall take you to the obelisk.”

But the tests weren’t over yet. In front of the obelisk stood, tall and proud, Helvetios himself, only darker and very spectral-like. Seeing himself there, Helvetios startled, but he did not lose his temper. He wanted to go see what it was, but he suddenly stopped two steps away. He pulled his sword and cut the head of the ghost. Delanas asked:

“How did you know, Helvetios? You truly are our hero!”

With that, the ghost disappeared.

“I saw markings on the back of its neck. Like the ones I saw on The Devil, and like the ones I see on you now!”

Then Helvetios stroke, but Delanas dodged and took its true form, a demonic and ugly shape. “You will die, mortal, by the command of Lucius!”

Then, they fought, and surprisingly Delanas was keeping Helvetios guarded, making it impossible for him to attack. With one hit, it cut open his armor, and knocked him down. Putting the sword to his neck, it said”

“You have done well to come this far, but this is where it ends!”

But things were far from over. Helvetios blocked the strike and got up, attacking Delanas repeatedly. He managed to knock is sword into the lava, and then Delanas said:

“Please, do not kill me! I shall forever be in torment if you kill me!”

Merciless towards the demon, Helvetios impaled it, smashing his heart. Afterwards, the demon faded away. Helvetios opened the obelisk’s door and read the story, and upon leaving he found Demon Hunter and an armor there, with an inscription that said:

”Use them well, stranger, you’ve earned your right to defeat him.”

Now feeling stronger than ever, Helvetios leaved the cave and headed home, but upon the third year’s arrival, the hero still had a two day’s walk. The Devil arrived. It was too late now, and he was angered to see Helvetios missing. The human armies fought and fought, but in the end they were driven back to the castle where the elders and the people took shelter. As the gates nearly collapsed, the sky lightened up and out of the woods a god on a white horse came.


It was Helvetios. He leaped towards the demon armies, killing hundreds of them in seconds. Each of his strikes killed another thirty demons, and hope was regained. Human armies came out of the castle, and drove the demonic armies back. But there was no time. Helvetios had to get to Lucius and fight him, and so he jumped back on his horse. He told it to spread its wings, and left the humans battling the demons, now with a considerable advantage of three humans to one demon. Lucius was watching, and seeing Helvetios come, he took his armour and his sword, Hellraiser.Upon arriving, he told Helvetios:

“You did not do as I asked. You could’ve become my general, we could’ve ruled together. There’s still time to change your mind, though. Escape from oblivion and join me in crushing the humans.”

“You must be mad, Lucius. I did not do all of this journey just to join you in your hopeless attempt. This is where it ends.”

“ You idiot! You shall all perish, by the hand of The Devil!”

With that, they fought. Lucius stroke, Helvetios dodged, he stroke back and Lucius dodged and so on. It seemed hopeless, until Helvetios faked to strike one way, then swung his sword with tremendous power towards his heart. Lucius fell down, and then Helvetios impaled his heart. The Devil seemed to have died, but Helvetios read the story of The Ones Who Came Before and so he put his hand in his chest and pulled his heart out. The Devil gave a huge cry, and then vanished into the wind, only his ashes remaining. This way, he was sealed in hell for another one thousand years.

Helvetios was hurt, he was bleeding severely and he was dying. He fell down to Earth, and the soldiers took him inside the citadel. There the medics could not find a cure, but Epona brought him a rose, which healed him.

“It’s from Lucius’ throne, down in hell. The elders sent me, they foresaw this. Thank you, my love, thank you for saving us all!”

Seeing him getting up, everyone cheered, and then, in the middle of the citadel, Helvetios and Epona kissed. Having taken his armor down and having put the sword into his armory, Helvetios joined the party with the others, and today they can still be seen partying in heaven.

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