Stonehenge ? Mystery, Myth, Reality?


Visiting Stonehenge via Shakespeare School International Summer Camp at Clifton College


Where to begin? I?suppose I should begin with how I came to visit this wondrous monument. It was with great joy that this year I finally got to visit Great Britain. I was a group leader during a summer camp at Clifton College, with several students from Shakespeare School and other wonderful children from our country, and among the optional excursions offered there was the choice of Stonehenge. Naturally, there were some enthusiasts who wanted to see it, having heard so many bewitching things about it. It was with high spirits that on a sunlit Sunday morning we embarked on the trip that would take us to our coveted destination: Stonehenge.

We had all heard stories and debated upon their veridity. Some believed the scientific proof was most accurate, others liked to think that there was a bit of magic imprinted in those colossal stones. Needless to say we were anxious to see them in front of our eyes and to get a better understanding of what they are and where they came from.

Upon arriving we were not surprised to notice that there were others, who like us, had gathered to visit this historic landmark. Before entering we were given something that looked like a one-way walky-talky, on which were recorded impressive amounts of information and which you could indulge yourself Read the entire FDA prescribing information for with as you walked past each stone.

We learned many things as we walked around the magnific carried out and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. knew that what we can see today actually began over 5000 years ago and went through no less than 4 to be fully completed. The most dramatic stage is the second one, around 2150 BC, during which some 82 bluestones from the Preseli mountains were transported to the current location. These stones, some weighing 4 tonnes, are believed to have been dragged on rollers and sledges to the headwaters of Milford Haven and subsequently loaded onto rafts, which then carried them by water During the alcohol Opiates process, you?l experience a variety of withdrawal symptoms, such as:In some instances, those in alcohol Opiates experience more serious side effects, such as hallucinations. along the coast of Wales and up the rivers Avon and Frome, only to be afterwards dragged yet again overland and then once more they travelled by water until they reached Amesbury.

Apart from the impressive construction details we also discovered some interesting myths and legends surrounding the site. One of them is the one attributing the construction of Stonehenge to Merlin, the wizard. ?Geoffrey of Monmouth wrote in Historia Regum Britanniae that the stones, called the Giant?s dance, had healing properties for which Giants actually brought them over from Africa to Ireland. King Aurelius Ambrosius?wished to erect a memorial to 3,000 nobles slain in battle against the Saxons and buried at Salisbury, and at Merlin”s advice chose Stonehenge. The king sent Merlin,?Uther Pendragon?(Arthur”s father), and 15,000 knights, to remove it from Ireland, but the knights failed. However, Merlin dismantled the stones and sent them to Britain with ease and it was so that Stonehenge came to be.

I cannot tell you how many other infinitely interesting details I learned on my trip to this spectacular site, but I can tell you that then and there, in their presence, you are overwhelmed with a feeling of peace and serenity that does not leave you for many days. We were also allowed to have our lunch there, on the vast meadow surrounding the stones, as we further gazed upon the breathtaking view.Truth be told, Stonehenge cannot be defined in one word, it is many things, and being given the opportunity to see it while on the international summer camp at Clifton College, made me understand why so many people have been mesmerized by it over the centuries, there is a little mistery, a little myth and a little reality all present in this one place.

When we left it was not without a feeling of regret that we could not linger but a few moments longer. Still, we who were there together have come to possess memories that we will always cherish and we will never forget it: Stonehenge!



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