Write an ESSAY, race, win!(2)

200 – 250 letters

Let’s imagine you have read the theme of our Essay Competition and you want to share your ideas about computer games with us. What will you be using? English, impressions, ideas, words, the internet, your computer …and 200 to 250 Latin letters that make up an essay!

The Latin Alphabet – a brief history

Have you ever wondered how the letters we use were invented? The ‘ancestor’ of the alphabet we nowadays use appeared in Italy in the 7th century BC and it has its origins in the Cumaean Greek alphabet – Cumae was an ancient Greek city in Italy. Of course, it has evolved continually over the last 2500 years and has become the most used writing system in the world. The Latin script has 26 letters and it combines two forms, upper and lower case. The Latin alphabet spread out along with the Roman territorial conquest. Later on, during the Middle Ages, it has been used to write Romance languages (Italian, French, Portuguese, Spanish). Because the  Bible translations used this alphabet, Christianization also played a major part  in the spreading out of the Latin alphabet.

Read, write and essay, race and win!

If you are looking for a chance to put your writing skills into practice, enter Shakespeare School Essay Competition! This year, you have the opportunity to write about a pass time activity very popular among teenagers: computer games! Visit our website for more details about our national writing contest . You can win the great prize, a 2-week summer camp to the UK, and many other wonderful prizes!!!

Good luck and may the best essay writers win!

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