WRITE your way to success(15)

If you are studying English at an advanced level, it is compulsory for you to have the skills to write a REPORT!

The Oxford  on-line dictionary defines the REPORT as ‘an account given of a particular matter, especially in the form of an official document, after thorough investigation or consideration by an appointed person or body:the chairman’s annual report”. Since it is an official document, the register you will edit a report in, is formal. Moreover, there is a specific layout that you need to master well, especially if you are planning to sit Cambridge Exams like FCE or CAE. Besides being part of your exam preparation, mastering such piece of writing might become very important in your future profesional carreer!

In terms of layout, a Report should have a clear title and subheadings which sould reflect the content of the paragraph that they preceed. Usually, Introduction and Conclusion preceed the introductory paragraph and the final paragraph.

And as formal register might be a bit difficult at times, here are some useful expressions to hep you with your writing tasks:

Introduction:            The aim of this report is to..                                    It is based on…
                                    This report is intended to..                                      It draws on
                                    This report looks at / describes..                            It uses..
Reporting an
observation:            It seems/appears that..                                            It was found that..
                                    The majority / minority of …                                    It was felt that ..
Quoting:                    According to …         As X said…               In the words of …
Speculating:            It may / could / might (well) be that ..
Generalising:           In general      On the whole                        In the main
Commenting:          Interestingly              Curiously             Oddly                    Strangely
                                    Surprisingly              Predictably
                                    As might be (have been) expected           It is interesting that
Making a recommendation:         It is recommended that ..
                                                            (Perhaps) it would be advisable for X to (do)
                                                            (Perhaps) X might /should consider
Summing up:           To sum up / To summarise On balance               In short
Say tuned for our upcoming articles! On May 12th we will announce the semi-finalists of our Shakespeare School Essay Competition 2014! So, start polishing your conversation skills as you will soon be our guests for the Interview phase and last but not least, you will also need speaking skills during your 2-week stay in the UK as the lucky winner of a language camp in the UK!
May the best essays win!


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