10 Reasons Why You Should Study in the UK

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The United Kingdom is the home of the English language, so where better could you study it? Shakespeare was born there, they have London and the Beatles, a lovely Queen and Princess Diana, the Queen of Hearts. They have 5 o?clock tea and shortbread. But besides it all, they have one of the best educational system in the world, the home of the University of Cambridge and Oxford.
When you know what you want to study and you decide the sky is the limit to your career, then you want to shoot for the stars.
So why not study in the UK? Why? We give you no less than TEN reasons!
1.???????You will have recognized qualifications. Universities in the UK, unlike the ones in Romania, are recognized all over the world for the quality of their educational process.
2.???????Academic excellence ? the teaching staff is among the best in the world.
3.???????The choice of courses tries to please all students, their variety is what makes the system so popular.
4.???????Studying in the UK gives you the opportunity to stay on European land and have a taste of its culture.
5.???????Europe is still one of the most fascinating places in the world, exactly due to its history and culture.
6.???????Universities in the UK give you great value exactly because of the applicability of what you learn there in real life situations.
7.???????The island is known as being one of the most multicultural places around the world. But don?t forget, the common language is English, your way to success.
8.???????The career options are fabulous, exactly because you graduate from some of the best universities in the world.
9.???????Should you want to further ?your career, this is the right place to start at. Your CV is already impressive and your diploma highly recommends you.
10.???And last but not least, don?t forget the main reason you should go there: The UK is the home of English.
We organize two workshops every year to help you follow your dream and study in the UK. So don?t forget to go to our website and find out all you need to know about our mentoring programmes, DESTINATION UK!

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