Eseu castigator 11-14 ani- Premiul Special (Cucu Mihai)

It”s so different! – by Mihai Cucu, 14 years old, student at School no.5, Brasov Where am I traveling accompanied only by a pretty but formal air hostess? I”m fourteen, I left my mother at the airport with tears in her eyes and my dad speechless when he hugged me. I”ve no idea about the […]

Eseu castigator 15-19 ani – Premiul Special (Belea Miruna Stefana)

The other side of the moon – by Miruna Stefana Belea, 18 years old, student at Ienachita Vacarescu National College, Targoviste When I first entered the flat, I was in one of my weary moods, and the only things I noticed were the pale-pink walls and the foot-worn,threadbare carpet. Besides the displeasure of being troubled […]