Teaching is a way of life

If you think teaching is a career choice, you’re most likely on the wrong path. . It’s not the type of job that just needs your attention a certain number of hours a day. It’s something you need to dedicate 100% of yourself to, round the clock. And it’s terribly rewarding! In my case, choosing this path felt right as rain. When I was a child, I used to accompany my parents in class, as both of them were teachers for a while. What stuck with me, and what I think was an incentive in my choosing this job were the looks on the students’ faces: they were curious, when learning something new, intrigued, when they didn’t understand something, and exhilarated, when they grasped the meaning of something.

It’s the same reaction I receive now, when I stand before my own students, here, at Shakespeare School. It’s not really a feeling I could put into words, but, if i had to choose a descriptive, I would most definitely say “rewarding”. Nothing I’ve experienced before has made me feel this way. Rather than creating a one-sided, stern, dry relationship with my students, the Shakespeare School method has enabled me not only to teach, but also to learn something new from my kids. Just the other day, for instance, I found out the balloon owes its name to the fact that it has bubbles in its stomach. Such words of wisdom, their innocent expressions, the glow on their faces, when they can answer my questions, all of these make my career choice seem better and better every day!

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