A step-by-step guide to having fun!

England is a great place to enjoy yourselves (excluding baked beans on toast and boiled chicken with mint sauce). But don’t worry about that, because they think so highly of their food that you would think it was caviar, going by the price. :p
I cannot stress how enjoyable it was to spend two weeks at Clifton College. In fact, if it weren’t for blondes that would cry easily and would call you Harry Potter, it would have been paradise (it came close anyway). After waking up because of self-operating expensive and highly indestructible devices that would go off like a fire alarm (you might want to call them iPhones), you would be led to the buffet, which was so stuffed with goodness that it often wouldn’t be there when you got to it.(But the kindly cooks would find you some good grub.)
Afterwards, you would go to class, where you would practise British (beautiful English), get addicted to Starbusts and make friends from all over the world.
After Lunch you could choose to go to a dark, LED TV equipped, chocolate stuffed, scrabble, monopoly,rummikub ,cards, roulette:p,chess and secret agent infested room called the Crypt. Or you could go on walking tours of Bristol, play sports etc.
I liked swimming, football and Rounder’s the best. While swimming, you could have diving contests and sink the floats of unsuspecting targets. Football: film Taiwanese that would blissfully score goals in between their own posts and put the video on Facebook. Rounder’s: obviously, dodge Italians who seemed to think they were the ball and laugh. The rest were also fun: tennis, hockey, basketball, dodgeball etc. Dodgeball especially, where you would aim at baclava-filled Turks.
Come Evening, after a roast dinner with werewolves howling in the distance (also known as monkeys from the zoo, though if they were in the form of crazy kids or real monkeys from Bristol Zoo across the road I couldn’t tell) and vampires stealing out of the tombs in the Crypt, you would go to Evening activities. Murder Mystery Night, Scavenger Hunt, Nail Bar for the girls and some Italian boys , more sports, films and talent shows were only a few. Then, snug under thick eiderdown quilts and on soft pillows you would tell jokes and ghost stories. Oh, and the excursions! Visit your first-degree relatives in the Longleat Safari Park, get lost in Hedge Mazes, visit Oxford University, shop in Cardiff, stare like a moron at a ring of stones also known as Stonehenge while oohing and aahing at the guide’s paleobabble. And why not try a visit to the Bristol Museum, Salisbury Cathedral, or a boat trip through Bristol? Stare delightfully at the polluted waters of the Thames you are sailing upon, stare blankly at a statue on top of a pillar, (also known as Trafalgar Square), eat real Cornish Dairy Ice Cream. You might also try going deaf because of the Big Ben, getting lost in the Covent Gardens, or why not, just having a free McDonalds dinner.
Clifton was an overload of fun.

Emanuel Lipciuc
Aceasta e jurnalul de calatorie al lui Emanuel Lipciuc, castigatorul locului I la competitia nationala de eseuri a Shakespeare School din 2012 (11-14 ani), care a castigat o scoala de vara de limba engleza la Clifton College! Ne bucuram ca va pastra in minte si in suflet amintiri atat de placute, si ii uram mult succes in continuare!

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Shakespeare School și-a creat o metodă de predare a limbii engleze inovatoare, care reprezintă o aplicare originală a Teoriei Inteligențelor Multiple. 

Ce înseamnă, concret, metoda noastră?
Profesorii identifică și adaptează atmosfera din clasă și activitățile, astfel încât ele să răspundă intereselor și aptitudinilor fiecărui cursant în parte. Folosim o mare varietate de resurse pentru a oferi calea cea mai rapidă și ușoară spre învățare luând în considerare darul fiecărui cursant în parte.

Descoperă și tu metoda Shakespeare School în cadrul lecțiilor demo de limba engleză!

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