Eseu castigator 15-19 ani – Premiul Special (Titov Teodora)

DARE TO MAKE HOPE HAPPEN!, by Teodora Titov, 18 years old, student at Mihai Viteazul National College, Bucharest

Close your eyes and let the darkness envelop you. Inhale slowly and watch as tiny specks of light find their way peppering your view. Slowly, at first, then faster and faster, imagine yourself spinning, spinning like you’ve never spun before, not even as a child in the park, not in the rollercoaster, spin like your life depended on it and maybe, just maybe, if you put enough heart into it, you’ll see. You’ll see the Milky Way, the myriad of silver stars, the gaseous planets breathing heavily in their millennial slumber like petals to a dazzling orb, a ball of flame that pumps life and light into the distance.

Now, open your eyes and start analyzing the world around you: the sky goes darker and darker under the pressure of industry, the water flows heavily blurred by pollution, the ice liquefies in flashes like fondue in the melting pot, the Earth roars tongue less, waiting for release, waiting to revive… But where is the light? We are living in the age of speed, when tolerance has become ignorance, because time and money are two of the most desired things on Earth and the real relevant values were last seen in days of yore, when people were embracing the world differently. Is there any hope for a better world? Is there just a utopia? Since ages the matter of mentality has involved a delirious fact which represented the crucial issue in the worldwide development among every society, religion, state, family and even every single human being. Having the right to choose symbolizes the opportunity of developing a way of thinking and also a priceless gift that can change the world. Now, is the humanity ready to take action, before all comes to its end?

The answer lies in your hands, either whether you choose to get involved because you care or you continue to build the so-called wisdom of darkness. Volunteering depicts one of the simplest ways of releasing this earth from its deepest scars, not only by involving in environmental issues, but also in healing others’ pain, in order to create the world you are dreaming of. Acting in the name of good may not offer you financial background, but it will definitely ensure you the place where you harmoniously can live your life, without any worry of destruction. Furthermore, volunteering represents the basis for the future of humanity. Thus, you should start thinking of tomorrow and use your kindness to create the world that can be seen and touched by every creature. Choosing to volunteer is a liberty, choosing to be human is a hope. Yours. Make it happen!

It is said that life is a journey, a meandering road that takes us across turbulent rivers and snow-covered mountains, a shuttle
gliding along the Milky Way. And thus, shouldn’t we embrace the gift we have been given and take in the wonders of the world in order to create a better living?

Acest eseu este castigatorul premiului special in cadrul 2011 Shakespeare School Essay Competition, grupa de varsta 15-19 ani, avand ca tema rolul si importanta voluntariatului. Premiul a constat intr-un cadou surpriza din partea librariei Carturesti, o carte in limba engleza din seria penguin, de la Fischer International, voucher de reducere 25% la un curs de vara de limba engleza la Shakespeare School, discount card oferit de Puma, cadou din partea Reprezentantei Comisiei Europene in Romania. Dorim sa o felicitam pe Teodora pentru faptul ca s-a evidentiat din peste 5100 de eseuri trimise la concursul national de creatie in limba engleza organizat de Shakespeare School si ii uram mult succes in continuare!


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