Life through a teacher's lens

To me, teaching is not only a job, but a veritable way of life.

Ever since I started to be aware of my role in this world, I’ve dedicated all my energy, ambition, resources and soul to creating and shaping things, in a relentless desire to stand the test of time. In this sense, my greatest accomplishment is that of becoming a teacher. And, what is teaching, if not that quaint, surprising type of art that manages to combine all the others in order to shape our students’ personality? For a teacher must possess the actor’s stage talent, the painter’s patience and minuteness, as well as the composer’s ingenuity.

A child’s mind is like a canvas to paint on. You draw fine lines to define the edges and choose your pastels carefully. And just like a good painting, you have to step back and let the colors blend and give new meaning to what you initially thought you had control over. As a teacher, you are both an artist, giving shape to something new, and also a brush stroke, guiding people in the right direction and highlighting their uniqueness.

There’s nothing better about being a teacher than realizing you have managed to capture a person’s attention, devotion and to guide him/her towards fulfilled dreams, self-affirmation, and thus, a brighter future. Any apparently insignificant event, like seeing that spark in my students’ eyes when overcoming a difficulty, seeing them smiling or hearing them say “Thank you teacher”, is enough to make my day and to make me fill fulfilled.

The professional and social environment I found here, at Shakespeare School, gave me the opportunities I’ve always longed for. Here, I can safely find my way towards self-improvement, in a unique blend of professionalism and creativity.

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