What’s the Conversation Club all about?

Fifth and sixth graders having a blast
Well, it’s about having fun speaking English! Children get to develop their fluency in English and gain

What will the children learn by the end of this school year?

They will learn how to:

  1. Talk about themselves, their family and friends.
  2. Talk about animals and pets e.g. what their favourite animal is, describe their pet etc.
  3. Talk about food and their favourite dishes.
  4. Talk about the weather and the seasons of the year.
  5. Talk about daily routines, chores and hobbies.
  6. Party at Halloween e.g. what Halloween is all about with its characters and games.
  7. Talk about sports e.g. what their favourite sport is, what the famous national
    Our classes are multi-skill classes that incorporate other skills besides speaking such as listening, reading and drawing. Cheap Canada Goose sale
    We guarantee a good time for all English-loving children!

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