WRITE your way to success (7) – Descriptive Writing


Essay Competition - Descriptive Writing

We are back this week with Descriptive Writing, another important type of writing that you should be aware of and practice! This type of composition will help you distinguish the interesting details from the dull ones. It will also help you improve your vocabulary, not only by learning new words, but also by making you aware of the importance of various parts of speech such as adjectives and adverbs.

Two of the most important types of descriptive compositions are the narrative essay (in which you tell a story; usually relating to personal experience), also called stories or narratives, and the descriptive essay (in which you describe a person, a place, or an event), also called, in ‘classroom slang’, description of a place or person. Here are some…

…Tips for writing effective descriptive compositions:

– Make your descriptions sensory and vivid by appealing to all five senses(smell, see, taste, hear, touch or feel).

– Try to employ figurative language: metaphors, similarities or analogies. What you learn in Romanian literature class at school, might actually be of great help to you in English, too!

– Although you use figurative language, you are still expected to use precise, concrete language as abstract language might prevent the reader from understanding what you are trying to express. Notice:

Abstract language: It was a fine day. VS.

Concrete language: The sun was shining brightly and a warm, scented breeze blew across my face.

– Make sure your story has a point and don’t forget that your writing has to be organized. Here are some ways to organize the details: chronological(time), spatial(place, location) and order of importance. When describing a person we usually start with the physical traits and then continue with personality, preferences and habits or hobbies.

Have you ever imagined a school where you have lots of fun and lean many useful things at the same time? We would be really curious to find out more about your vision on school and the educational system! Get to work and write a descriptive essay, send it to us and you might be writing your next ‘description of a place’ from a summer camp in the UK!

Good luck! 🙂

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