WRITE your way to success(13)

When the spring break is over you will defintetly have a lot of stories to tell but also to write as homework. Therefore, tips on how to write a good NARRATIVE might come in handy!

Each successful piece of writing starts with a pre-writing plan or an outline, to help you brain storm for the most creative ideas and write down useful words, names of characters, basic events and other details to include in your story.

The plot,  the characters and the setting are equally important! A good plot should consist of exposition, rising action, climax and resolution. You should create a more complex main character with both qualities and flaws, and secondary charaters which you don’t necessarily have to describe in great detail but which should be relevant to the unfoldind action. The setting (namely, the place and time when the action takes place) is very important as it helps the reader understand the story better and more easily.

Sequence your action carefully and pay attention to the verb tenses you use. You can use either Past Tenses (but pay attention to the sequence of tenses!) or, to make your story more vivid, Present Tenses.  Another efficient way to make your story vivid and memorable is to use words(verbs, nouns, adverbs and adjectives) that appeal to the senses.

If  titles like Cat’s Cradle or Slaughterhouse – Five sound familiar to you, here is a list of tips given by  none other than Kurt Vonnegut himself:


Hopefully, by the end of the next holiday, the summer holiday, you will be writing stories about the 2-week language camp in the UK you have won in our Shakespeare School Essay Competition 2014.

May the best essay win!



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