Eseu castigator 11-14 ani – Premiul Juriului (Mindru Ruxandra)

The Freedom to Fly, by Ruxandra Mindru, student at National College, Piatra Neamt

I was in a room… Dark, cold, terrifying in its rigidity. Far away, a pale light lingered. I tried to run towards it, but something frozen grabbed my neck and hit my back. I fell to my knees. It was all so wrong… I never feared pain. No, I feared this cage. I feared standing behind bars, sinking into darkness while all lights went out. Hope was still there, but I couldn”t reach it!

With a scream, I ripped the chains that were holding my arms and, as I turned, the black cane let go of me. I ran to the light and finally I reached it. A window! It was open! I climbed up the frame and looked down… An abyss of glittering light glowed under my feet. I let go of all doubt and fear and I jumped… I jumped like stepping in a new world.

As I was falling, my body began transforming… Feathers grew on my arms and my fingers became claws. I was no longer falling… I was flying! I was an eagle flying over the fields and mountain tops, flying over everything that has ever tried to bring me down… I was dancing in the air! The sun resembled a golden crystal bowl, an orb of the future…

I dived to the ground. The speed was blinding. I hovered above the grass and suddenly I felt every single piece of my body grow, fur replacing feathers and dagger-sharp fangs growing from my jaws. I started running with the same feeling I had while flying… The speed, the simple force I used to run, the feeling of freedom, of broken cages, of self discovery made me so happy…

I know I”m transformed

and I no longer need a mirror to see myself in. The overwhelming feeling of power and freedom I gained gives me confidence and vision. This is my own perfection…

And that”s the only thing I will need in my next journey, simply called “Life”.

Acest eseu este castigatorul premiului din partea juriului in cadrul 2011 Shakespeare School Essay Competition, grupa de varsta 11-14 ani, avand ca tema o descriere a unei lumi perfecte pornind de la 4 imagini sugestive. Premiul a constat intr-un voucher de reducere pentru o tabara in Anglia oferit de agentia de turism Mirunette International Education, o carte Fischer International, un cadou din partea British Council, un rucsac si alte surprize din partea Reprezentantei Comisiei Europene in Romania si un voucher pentru achizitionarea articolelor sportive din magazinul Puma Cotroceni. Dorim sa o felicitam pe Miruna pentru faptul ca s-a evidentiat din peste 5100 de eseuri trimise la concursul national de creatie in limba engleza organizat de Shakespeare School si ii uram mult succes in continuare!

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