Hoping for a brighter tomorrow (II)

Iata continuarea povestii Ruxandrei Mindru, castigatoarea locului I la competitia nationala de eseuri a Shakespeare School din 2010 (11-14 ani) si eleva in Piatra Neamt, care a castigat o scoala de vara la St. Michael’s College!

Puteti citi aici eseul castigator datorita caruia Ruxandra si-a putut face bagajele pentru Anglia! 

The first week at St. Michael’s College was amazing. I tried to make myself stand out of the rest in my classroom. If I succeded, that was yet to find out. I made myself many friends among which there was Anete, from Latvia, Lucy, from Slovakia, Johanna, from Germany, and Juan, from Columbia. The diversity of the nationalities was overhelming, but amusing, when you came to know everybody. We had the funniest eating show from a Portugese boy, that was trying to eat chips with (VERY) hot sauce!!!


We visited Manchester on Wednesday and it was unbelievable!!! We went on the stadium! I was never the football-liker girl, but when we went out on the stadium, from where the players usually come and looked around at the thousands of chairs around us, I felt so happy  and pleased, like nothing could have stopped me. It was amazing! My only regret is that we weren’t allowed to take one small bit of grass from the actual pitch! Restricted by the laws of the football club… Just a tiny little bit….

We were allowed to see the trophees and the lockers and all the rooms that are used by the players and their coach before the game! Unbelievable place!!!

Then we had some time for shopping and I packed my back-pack with 3 or 4 books that I bought from a huge shopping center, there! The teachers allowed me and Anette to walk around there with two Italian kids, Frederico and Beatrice, brother and sister. They were so funny, with their Italian accent and their permanent tease between each other!

That was Manchester! I will skip the awesome trip to Hereford and the golf and horseback riding courses, because I would only bore the audience with all the little details and looks and impressions that I had from there! Maybe just this: after riding Major (a white steed) at Noakes Farm, when I went back home I resume horseback riding, after two years break! And I had the chance to take a small Elvish look, with my hair-braids!

BathIn the weekend, there was the trip to Bath, where we got to see the amazing buildings, a museum that displayed the dresses of Princess Diana ( wonderful! Just wonderful!!!) and I finally found apples!!! I was desperately looking after some!!!

And now, we didn’t exactly get lost, the Italians and me (Anete went with the Germans). Let’s just say it was a case of momentarily misplacing ourselves on the map!

As a complete premiere for myself, I danced at the disco!! I never dance, because I think people are watching me and judging me and I hate that, but there, everybody did whatever they liked! And the music was good and everything was just so pleasurable!!!

Sunday was the Drayton Manor day! My good Lord, was that interesting! This leisure park is a must for everybody! It’s not as huge or as grand as Prater or Disneyland, but it has a lot of roller-coasters and also a park, a zoo and even bumping cars !!!

My favourite was Shockwave! It’s one of the biggest roller-coasters! When I was a child, I went in all sort of crazy montagne-russes, but I never had the oppurtunity to do it again! Shockwave was only 40 seconds long, but it was so fast and twisted and crazy, I was lucky I was holding on tight! You only had the feeling you were going to fall, but you couldn’t! Could you?!

I also took a ship ride, where they balanced a huge ship till you were at an 180 degrees angle from the ground! Great thing! And then I went in a water-coaster where I got just soaked! But it was a lot of fun! Lucy, Sophia (Russia) and I were so excited!!! God bless whoever thought of roller-coasters! They sure are one big piece of fun!!!

By the way, you may notice, if you have a very good eyesight, that on my T-shirt, there’s written FGW (Future Goes Wild). That was a school project where we had to imagine that we ran a business and my team chose a leisure park! Strange coincidence….

Only one thing upset me that day: the thought that Begona (Spain) and the Columbians were leaving! They were the soul of the party!!! But one more evening to go, so…


(to be continued)

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