Eseu castigator 15-19 ani – Premiul II (Brailescu Alexandru)

Unity in Helping the Community: Utopian No More!, by Alexandru Brailescu, student at Calistrat Hogas National College, Tecuci These days, tottering to its fall from theconfines of reason wavers the concept of “volunteering”, the presumably selfless act of helping your peers in need. But what are the implications, if we are capable of acting with […]

Eseu castigator 15-19 ani – Premiul III (Alexe Theodora)

Diamonds Shine Forever, by Theodora Alexe, student at Zinca Golescu National College, Pitesti Have you ever wondered what it must be like to wake up on an ice-cold pavement, with perfectly-polished feet impassively rushing by within inches of your face, tormented that you will have to spend the day in a penniless and hungry agitation? […]

Eseu castigator 11-14 ani- Premiul II (Olariu Razvan)

The concept of perfection, by Razvan Olariu, student at School no. 49, Bucharest The perfect world is not an abstract concept, but an untouchable existence. It is like a mirror…you have to look through the appearance to see “the lion inside the cat”, or “the elephant inside the mouse “. Our world has never been […]